Instructions for presenting your paper

Each paper is allocated both a 15 minute plenary talk in the technical programme PLUS a poster in a poster session to take place in the same day as the talk. N.B. Although there is for each speaker there a 20 minute slot in the technical programme, this means a 15 minute talk, not a 20-minute talk (the remaining 5 min. is for questions and switching the speaker).

The talks are somewhat shorter than in most conferences, but please keep in mind that you will have a long poster session where you have the opportunity to present the technical details that you could not address during your talk, answer questions in detail, etc. - but you first have to get people to come to your poster! So please take this into account when preparing your talk: in 15 minutes you surely cannot cover all the technical details of your work, but it is sufficient if you manage to get people interested enough so that they will come to your poster later. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to focus in your talk on the background and motivation of your work: What is your work about, what are the main results? Why is this important? (While perhaps the How can be mostly left as a topic for the poster session...?)

For the oral presentations, we will set up in the lecture room a master laptop where you are expected to put your presentation during one of the breaks before your session. The laptop will support PDF, Openoffice and Powerpoint files - please check that your presentation works OK. If you must use your own laptop (e.g. if you have a Keynote presentation or a demo that requires certain software), that is possible too, but also in this case please test before the session that it works with the system in the lecture room.

The dimensions of the poster boards are: width 95cm x height 128cm.